“Indeed it may be said that the great Polish actress was not only the pioneer in the field of realism, but that she was ahead of her time here in America...”
                                                                                                 Dramatic Mirror, 1898

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“I grew up mostly under the influence of Nature, among the incidents of life and national calamities, free, unrestrained, forming my own judgment of things blindly, innocently, adoring and magnifying them with my vivid imagination. Catching eagerly snatches of heroic songs, poems, or religious hymns, memorizing and repeating them, and thus unconsciously building up my character as well as laying the foundation for my artistic future. Talent is born with us, but the influence of surroundings shapes, develops or subdues it”.

“Alas! It was not my destiny to die for my country, as was my cherished dream, but instead of becoming a heroine I had to be satisfied with acting heroines, exchanging the armor for tinsel, and the weapon for words.”
                                                                                                        Helena Modjeska 

In appreciation of Helena Modjeska's awesome talents, writer/performer Ewa Boryczko has created a masterpiece portraying the various stages of Modjeska's life and career.